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Pearl & Groove Bakery

Oh HI! 

I’m Serena and I started Pearl & Groove bakery in 2013. Back then the ‘free from section’ was plain, brown and practically medical. There was nothing indulgent or exciting, let alone tasty. 

So I made it my mission to add colour, flavour and bloody good cake to the party. By using the BEST possible ingredients, small batch baking and a whole lotta love. 

Everything is handmade to order, natural, locally sourced (wherever possible) and we are getting better everyday at doing our bit to save the planet and the people. With slave free chocolate, 100% recyclable packaging, composting and zero emissions deliveries. 

Cake will never be plain, brown and boring again! 

That’s my promise 


Who are Pearl & Groove?

Pearl & Groove are actually the nicknames of founder Serena’s parents (very cute, right?)
They are two people who care about health and well being and this has clearly carried through as a passion for Serena. Pearl (aka mum) has a sugar free, dairy free, gluten free existence, she’s pure, perfect, looks and acts like a spring chicken. Groove (aka dad) is a chocolate maker, a real life Willy Wonka, he’s cool, calm collected and knows a good sweet treat when he sees one.


We believe the best ingredients make the best cakes and a lot of thought has gone into our butter, eggs, almonds, sugar, honey, fruit, vanilla. It’s important to us and our little cakes that these things are pure. Because taste is everything!!!

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The team

We’re a small team who work hard, we’ve got a shared love for cake and love dreaming up new flavours, recipes and ideas to share with you. We are quite often trying out something new in-store, so pop by, have a try and say hello. You can’t miss us, the kitchen is open plan.


Why cake? 

People smile when there’s cake, it’s a magical thing. It brings out the inner child in us and it’s the perfect addition to any celebration.

A slice of cake in a napkin at a party, what could be better?!

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