We like to say we're a super healthy bakery gluten free bakery with just enough naughtiness to keep you smiling. 

We try not to use the word cupcake too often as we have our very own version which is a little rectangle instead. We don't allow any gluten in our shop so you can be sure to be sure that the glutinous devil won't get you. We do however use nuts in absolutely everything, so please please let us know before you order because it's something we really can't avoid.  

We are constantly dreaming up new flavours but we make sure we've always got our top rollers out for you, which are: the salted caramel (of course) pistachio and vanilla bean, raspberry and white chocolate and banoffee pie (to name a few)

We bake everything in house in small batches to make sure the cakes are as light as a feather and we don't waste a drop (come and have a sniff; you can watch us in action too)