A Little Note on Cake - and Life


We have a new 'mantra' (if you can call it that) and it's 'have a f*cking cake'. LOL. 

We are a cake shop. Of COURSE we want you to eat cake. We make it. We sell it. If you buy it, we get money. But the idea of 'having a f*cking cake' has nothing to do with Pearl & Groove reaping cash reward.

I have been writing this post for less than 10 minutes. Already, I've overheard the following phrases spring from various customers' mouths - 'oh but that's so naughty', 'No, I'm trying to be good' and 'I'll just breathe in the calories for now, but thanks'. Working in a cake shop, variations on this theme are a daily occurrence. If we could bank all the comments similar to the above, then we might as well be popping down to say 'hola' to Hades and his burning furnaces right now. A cake shop? Nah. More like Hell's Kitchen; a den of gluttony here just to tempt and to tease you. So naughty, so sinful, so bad. 

By definition, being 'good' means that there must be a 'bad'. But why do we allow the food we put into our mouths to define our morality and influence how we then might feel? Hunger doesn't make for happiness; eating is something that we have to do to stay alive, so shouldn't we savour and enjoy the experience? 

Our current appetite for slogans such as 'eat clean' and 'real food' seems insatiable, so just to saturate you further we've come up with our own. 

'Have a f*cking cake' is about you, doing what you want, when you want to. And not in a selfish sense, which such a phrase might suggest. 'Have a f*cking cake' is about banishing feelings of 'guilt' and 'sin' which seem to pervade our foodie landscape and obsession with diet and dieting. It's about having a good relationship with yourself and expelling negativity (sometimes easier said than done, we know, but it's worth striving for!). 

Having a cake won't kill you. Self-hate, anxiety and depression might. And if you can eat one without feeling guilty, it might just do you wonders. So, embrace a 'treat' and savour 'indulgence'. Find balance in life and you might start to see that things aren't quite so black and white, that 'good' and 'bad' become grey. In the words of Ruby Tandoh, 'make peace with food, nourish yourself and eat up as much of this big wide world as you can'. 

Have a f*cking cake, because why the f*ck not?


I realise that writing a post of this nature touches on many, many deep and complex issues. Diet culture and wellbeing is a vast subject, deserving detail, depth and expertise. If you're interested in reading more, have a click through the links below for insightful articles, blog posts and books. 

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