A Royally Good Cocktail

We thought we might raise a glass to Prince Harry as he marries Meghan on May 19th. And we thought we'd fill our glasses with something Spring befitting and Royal Wedding appropriate.

As they've chosen to have a lemon and elderflower wedding cake, we've come up with a delicious gin-based lemon and elderflower cocktail for you. HURRAH. 

50ml Gin

50ml Lemon Juice

25ml Elderflower Cordial

25ml Vermouth (if you desire an extra kick)

Frozen Berries 

Soda Water

 Place your frozen berries in a tall glass. Add the gin, lemon juice, cordial and vermouth (if using). Stir before adding a handful of crushed ice. Top up with soda water.


P.S. We're making our own royal wedding cakes - why not come and have a little lemon and elderflower (gluten free) mini loaf.