Meeting Peter Evans

Artist Peter Evans kindly came and decorated our walls with his wonderful collages (and YOU can come and buy them) a couple of weeks ago and we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions... So keep on reading for his beautifully insightful answers (to our less than beautiful questions). 

How would you describe your current work - in 5 words? Dirty, colourful, hopeful, noisy and reflective.

Who or what do you find inspiring? People who live the way they choose, not by following the crowd, they inspire me. Anyone who isn’t affected by social norms and does exactly what they want with their time on this planet, they are the truly inspirational ones. 

What can’t you live without? Music, it’s the answer.

Beginning, Middle and End,  Collage 

Beginning, Middle and End, Collage 

What did you want to be when you were very little? I always wanted to be a footballer.  My hero was John Barnes, I ruined lots of my Mum’s flowers pretending to be John Barnes.

What do you find the most challenging about being an artist? Being an Artist is easy, anyone can do it – the hardest part is the business side of it all, what goes on around it. In an ideal world the two would be completely separated and money wouldn’t play any part in it at all. 

Do you have a favourite artist or illustrator? It changes almost weekly but at the moment it’s Jeremy Deller. He somehow manages to speak about complex subjects in a beautifully simple way and at the same time brings people together. 

Where would you go for breakfast, lunch and dinner (separate meals) if they were your last on earth? Breakfast would be at home with family, lots of tropical fruits, fresh bread, a Brazilian cheese from Minas which is somewhere between Feta and cheese spread (it’s incredible), and Black coffee. Then to Provence for lunch in the shade overlooking the hills, the Plat de Jour – the catch of the day, fresh pasta and a chilled bottle of Cote de Provence. Then back to London for steak and chips in the pub with a bottle of Primitivo.  Obviously all finished off with a cake from Pearl and Groove. 

Talk us through what you’d do on a Pearl (truly virtuous) day and a groove (really indulgent) day? On a Pearl day I’d be up early to watch the sun come up, juice loads of carrots and fruits and spend the morning reading. I’m trying to learn Portuguese, which I’m not very disciplined with, so I’d probably try and get my head down and study that properly. I’d do some exercise, go for a bike ride, hug a tree, come home, cook a healthy dinner and be in bed by 10pm. A Groove day would pretty much be the same but with a BBQ and beers by the pool thrown in.  

Finally – if you could learn one skill over night, what would it be? Surfing - It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever tried and I get a little bit worse at it each time I try. 

Not What Was Done  - Collage 

Not What Was Done - Collage