BIGFATPIG DAY (AKA 'Eat What you Want Day')

We've all got big fat pigs inside of us somewhere (well most of us do, we won't tarnish you all). So to feed that pig and to belatedly celebrate International Eat What you Want Day, we thought we'd find some seriously tasty food for you to feast on. Well. Feast your eyes on. And if you like what you see and you're salivating, you can go hunt it down... 

Starting with this BAD BOY from Patty & Bun 

Yes, they have just opened a brand new branch in Notting Hill. See you there suckers. 


DHAN WAFFLE. Delicious EVERY TIME. Think cake meets waffle meets donut. Who knew the Taiwanese could be such teases...

The Mac Factory 

Can't have a food p*** post without Mac n Cheese and this is tasty AF. Find them at Camden Market. 



Are those some P&G cakes I see?! Salted Caramel, Nutella, Blueberry... #theresnoshameinboasting

All hail Monty's Deli

And everything they do. Praise be to the pastrami sandwich. So good it's holy. Just not as holey as their bagels... 

There's plenty we've missed - but if you'd like to point us in any direction in particular please let us know. Our inner piggies are snafflin to get out.