On The Other Side - meet photographer Julia Rambaud

We've the pleasure of having the super cool Julia Rambaud's beautiful photography here at Pearl & Groove this month. Born in Paris but now based in London she's been all over, travelled all over and now her work is all over our walls. We asked her a few quick Qs to find out more about the girl behind the lens... 

What's the best thing about your job? Travelling, getting to know other cultures and discovering the beauty that the world has to offer, there is nothing better than this.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration? There are so many of them but I would probably say Sebastiao Salgado. He is such an inspirational photographer. He has seen so much through his projects from Migrations, wars or simply nature.

What are you most proud of? I have no idea. I’m just proud of myself when I make it to something I really wanted to achieve. It depends on the days I guess. I’m probably most proud of my parents for accomplishing such great things in their lives and for being so cool. They are definitely my inspiration.

What can't you live without? I would say my camera but sounds to easy ahah maybe my phone actually because you can always take pictures, its small and easy to carry and you can capture some incredible moments with it.

What's your favourite country, and is there a particular place or thing there that you've fallen in love with? A restaurant? A view? A garden? A drink? I love too many countries. In my dream world I would like to live 2 months in Goa, 2 months in around Thailand, 2 months in Rio de Janeiro, 2 months in Los Angeles, 2 months in London and 2 months Ibiza… That would be the ideal life. The dream life for everybody I think.

My parents have a house in Ibiza so I tend to spend a lot of time there. A lot of people have their own views about this island, positive or negative. For me it's my second home, I love it for its craziness and also its peacefulness. You gotta love having both sides. My favourite restaurants there are Paloma and Sa Caleta.

Who is your favorite artist and what is your favourite 'artwork'? Like I said I would choose Sebastiao Salgado, he is a genius. You should definitely watch his documentary called The Salt Of The Earth. Steve McCurry is up there too with Hijori Kubota! I don’t have one favourite art piece, got too many in mind. It depends on my mood.

Have you been to any good exhibitions recently? I spend my time in museums, I really liked the projections from Lucy Raven at The Serpentine Gallery and also the collections of photographs that Sir Elton John holds which is shown at the Tate, it contains some crazy pieces such a Matisse, Man Ray and Picasso.

Where would you go for breakfast, lunch and dinner (separate meals) if they were your last on earth? God that’s difficult, I would go to the Wolseley for breakfast, Entrecote for lunch and maybe Roka for some delicious last sushi diner. But then I'm thinking about the burgers at Honest Burger or ceviche at Andina. It’s a tough one!

Finally - if you could learn one skill over night, what would it be? Learn how to speak Spanish fluently, I’ve been going to Spain since I was a kid and I’m still terrible at speaking which makes me feel embarrassed

Find out more about Julia here or check out her Instagram - she's a dream. 

Serena Whitefield