Views & Blues; meet Allison Phillips

Allison is a very lovely local artist and her work is looking very, very lovely on our walls at the moment. She's also a musician and Buddhist. What's particularly great is that it's all of Ladbroke Grove, so Pearl & Groove's home is shown in all it's glory, from Trellick Tower to Cafe O'Porto. 

We asked her some questions about Ladbroke and London and a few other things too...

Great Western Drunk

Great Western Drunk

What do you love about Ladbroke Grove? I've lived here for 7 years now, but I used to come here as a teenager to the market. I kitted myself out with fantastic cheap second-hand clothes! I still remember the beautiful 1960s dresses. I also used to come the carnival - this was back in the 80s, when they had live bands like The Raincoats & The Slits.

Now what I love about Ladbroke Grove is that I am part of the global mix of cultures, & there is a special community of people here.

Ha'Penny Bridge View  

Ha'Penny Bridge View 

What do you love about London? I am a Londoner and have always lived here, apart from some time in New York in the 90s. I love London's music and art culture and the freedom to be able to do what I want. I also treasure the different cultures within my city.

Dislikes? *No youth centres any more * Pollution * Poverty * The stress of living here Engineering work at weekends on tubes and trains * The contradiction of so many empty homes & homeless people*

Who or what do you find inspiring? Mr Daisaku Ikeda, Global peacemaker since 1960. He is the Head of Soka Gakkai International ( value creating society) and each year he writes a lengthy peace proposal and sends it to all governments. He is an ordinary person who believes in the dignity and equality & preciousness of each person.

Any favourite artists? Edward Hopper and Johannes Vermeer.

Where would u go for breakfast lunch dinner if they were your last on earth? Wow! Difficult! My Mum is an amazing cook. I would go and have a special full English breakfast with her in Brighton. Lunch I would share with all my friends in Selfridges with cake included. My partner is also a fantastic cook and I would spend dinner with him at home. His Roast Chicken is to die for!

Golborne Rd Sunset 

Golborne Rd Sunset 

Talk us through what you would do on a Pearl (virtuous) day & a Groove (really indulgent) day? Gosh! Pearl - get up very early, do some yoga, 1 hour chanting either on my own or with someone. Porridge, green smoothie. Go to my studio and paint all day. Have a nice dinner and early night.

Groove - get up early and do full yoga programme & 1 hour chanting. Go out for the day with my partner Martin. We would go for late breakfast first & later go swimming at The Oasis. Then have tea and cake & then a good movie. Afterwards a dinner in Soho.

And If you could learn 1 skill overnight what would it be? Blues Piano. 

Allison's work will be up until the beginning of November.