Going vegan... Well - I'm giving it a go!

We’re coming to the end of January 2017!! Whoooh! Who’s given up or taken up something?

Well…I have. I have decided to become a vegan for a month, and, if I feel like i’m not being annoying or putting my friends out (or getting hungry and bored of what i’m eating), then I might go 'full time'.

On my first day as a vegan I went to Redemption Bar and it was DELICIOUS. For those of you who haven’t been, I highly recommend it. Totally scrumptious, full of flavour and the staff were lovely. So it was a really good start on my path to becoming the vegan I dream I'll be. It’s a totally vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free restaurant….and alcohol free (make of that what you will)!!   

Redemption bar, Notting Hill - Vegan and delicious! 

I had aubergine with pomegranate and a tahini sauce and my boyfriend had the vegetable stack which was clean, fresh and filling. We also shared the really chewy sweet potato chips. It was perfect. 

Since then (it has now been 1 week) I have really got into the swing of it. One thing that’s been great is eating all the time - not sure it’s officially the vegan way but I don’t want to get hungry, so I keep snacking on new delicious treats that I keep finding. I have felt a little guilty when going to friends houses but I think it’s good to embrace these things and actually most people seem to be on board. 

This month (and moving forward) I am going to be able to try out as many vegan restaurants as possible. Farmacy is one that I visited last year and I absolutely loved it. I wasn’t as sure about their desserts, but all in all I thought it was a very spoiling experience, puts the bling into being a vegan! Mildred’s is another one that everyone has been talking about - I went with my mum for lunch and we had a great time, but I did think it was a bit 'mumsy' perhaps?! The food was delicious though. 

Although Pearl & Groove isn’t a vegan cake shop we are finding that more and more people are deciding to give it a go (just like me) and it’s inspriring us to trial out a few vegan recipes - making sure that they are delicious enough for EVERYONE to snack on (not just vegans). Watch this space! 

We’d love to hear about your ‘givings up’ and if you’ve found them exciting? Or are you just really excited to drop the act and get back to the good old you? 

It’s too early for me to tell as I started on the 17th Jan - but i’ll let you know.