Meg has been a big part of Pearl & Groove, from the beginning she's been a rock, who's worked her socks off, she's a key part of the team and always adds a little laugh to the kitchen. I would love you to get to know her little better, so, here we are....

What’s your favourite thing to do when the sun is out (anywhere any time of year) 

Be with my friends - somewhere outdoors. In England I'd choose a garden - or pub garden. A BBQ perhaps. Abroad? By a pool or the sea please!

What can’t you live without? 

Life would be really tough without an oven. And I do love a spatula. Probably my favourite utensil. 

What’s your favourite thing about your job? 

The variety involved, how fast the time goes, being able to sing in the kitchen and hanging out with my other bakery babes all day. 

What are you most proud of?

Ooo that's tough! Being part of the Pearl & Groove team and having helped open the first shop is pretty high up there! I'm proud of getting through my Masters year, I'm proud that I've got to 27 without having any fillings. Yet. Touch wood. Probably jinxed it now... 

Where in London is your dream date spot?

Somewhere relaxed, low key. Please don't make me wear heels! Give me a large glass of wine or two and I'll be happy pretty much anywhere. 

Describe what you’d do on a true Pearl day... 

A Pearl day.. So I'm being good, I'm being virtuous... I'd probably get up early, I'd make my bed. I'd probably have to tidy my room. Then I'd go for a run or go to a boxing class. I'd maybe have some avocado on toast with some poached eggs. Maybe a green juice. I'd drink at LEAST 2 litres of water. Then I'd probably go and see my Mum and Dad, try and be a reallllly nice daughter. Perhaps cook them something delicious for supper (well make an attempt anyway). Then go to bed (not too late) feeling like a true Pearl. 

Describe what you’d do on a true Groove day...

I think I'd have a bit of a lie in, walk somewhere and meet some gals for a nice lunch - maybe a pizza. Then get all my friends over for a biggggggg old party. Some dancin some drinkin some laffin. 

If you could learn one skill over night what would it be? 

A language would be nice - French? Italian? Spanish? I wouldn't be fussy. The ability to rap? Play the piano? To be honest there are plenty of strings I would happily add to my bow. 

What’s your favourite teenage abbreviation?

Teenage? Worryingly I think many of them have travelled with me into my twenties. BRB? ROFL? G2G? That was a good one. L8rz? I definitely still use l8rz. I don't use ROFL though. I promise. Step too far that one.

Serena Whitefield