It’s November. We’ve been open for 9 MONTHS. That’s quite nuts. Almost as nuts as our almondy mini loaf cakes. And so to celebrate. Here are a few things (some big, some small, some weird) that have been happening over the past 9 Pearl & Groove months 

1. A NEW BABY GIRL FOR SERENA!! Well, it has been 9 months. Welcome Cindy. She’s absolutely gorgeous and her arrival has brought Serena nothing but joy. And toothpaste. And a little bit of worry. Cindy is actually a car. She’s a xx soft top golf. On her second night in London somebody broke in, took Serena’s soft mints and left two huge boxes of toothpaste samples. Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth?! We’re not sure, but at least our pearly whites gonna be white…


2. FLO HAS LAUNCHED A LIBRARY. Well, sort of. More of a bookshop. Pearl & Groove are now selling some lovely, LOVELY books. Flo has curated an immaculate collection of coffee table wonders and they can be yours if you like them. Come and have a look. Travel, interiors, COOKING (of course) - we got you covered. And they’d make rather nice presents. Just sayin… 

3.THE OLD MAN AND THE ORGASM… We’ve had a few interesting customers over the last few months, that’s for sure. One in particular comes to mind, although I’m unsure as to whether he actually qualifies as a customer because he’s never actually bought anything. At all. But he does like to pop in on the regular and tell us that ‘Pearl & Groove’ makes him think immediately of a clitoris. ‘It’s just, clitoris, isn’t it’, he says, as he waves his hand in the air as if he’s stroking our logo. Thankfully he’s not stroking anything else. We’ll leave it at that. 


5. MEG GOT DUMPED. Don't worry, she’s over it, so if you’d like to leave your number on a napkin, you may. 

6. HERE’S TO THE NEXT 9 MONTHS. To Christmas, to 2017, to our one year anniversary. To all that is to come. We’ve been thinking of some big ideas. It’s gonna be Pearl & Groove(y). Baby. STAY TUNED. And stay hungry.