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Gluten free, flourless bakery.
We deliver in London.

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About us

Here at Pearl & Groove we are nuts about cake. Choosing to use ground almonds instead of regular flour means that everything we bake is a) delicious and b) a little bit different. Oh, and there’s absolutely no gluten in sight. None. Zero. Zilch. 


We try to keep our recipes simple and wholesome, but our flavours seasonal, fresh and fun (they change as often as the English weather). This ethos carries through from our cakes to our all day 'breakfast' menu (which we hope offers a healthy alternative to a typical fry-up or sugar-filled bowl of cereal).  



The Cakes

Here at Pearl & Groove everything is gluten free & some are refined sugar, dairy & gluten free.

The bakery babes are getting creative in the kitchen and those sweet smells from the oven will hit you as you come into the shop.  All of this heaven has a healthy burst too, so please do come and pick up a cake or order something to be delivered to your door.


1 MINI LOAF - £3.95

BOX OF 6 - £23
box of 12 - £45

pre ordered layer cakes
6"-   £40.00
8"-   £50.00
10"- £70.00



We deliver all over London Monday - Friday

Charges start at £14.40
We're also on Deliveroo - click for cake

Or come and collect from our beautiful
Portobello Road shop which is open 7 days a week


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